When you’re ready to give up

We’ve all been there.  That short story just won’t gel, or your blog posts are met with crickets, or you’ve been over that blasted manuscript four times and you’re sure no one will ever want to read it.

Not that I’m speaking from experience 😉

I’m wondering what you do when the who-do-you-think-you-are critic rears his head and you just. want. to. stop.  And some of us will stop, but we never stop forever; we always circle back, whether it takes weeks or years.

Let’s help each other out and answer:  How do you keep from giving in to that inner voice telling you you’re just not getting it?  Do you go for a walk?  Switch gears and paint something?  Journal?

Drop a line in the comments, because the chances are good that someone reading this is ready to throw in the proverbial towel, and could really use some advice.

11 Thoughts on “When you’re ready to give up

  1. Ask yourself why you write; what motivates you. If you answer those questions honestly, you may find the impetus to carry on. Maybe *not* writing is a worse prospect.
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  2. Great topic and one I know all too well. I have thrown in the towel many times but I always came back. It was a little over five years ago that I finally shifted gears and decided to do something with my writing. It took a while to overcome that critic and it still rears its head every now and then. So when it does I look at it and ask what is really behind it? What is it that is blocking me? I walk away from writing for a while but never too long. I may quit one piece and start another but then I go back. I will set a goal and tell others. I seem to do better when I have that hint that others are going to want to know how I’m doing. Where I’m at with it. When I am feeling really overwhelmed with frustration I will go for a walk or do something physical. Sometimes I will go outside, close my eyes and just let my mind wander and I play with ideas from my story. I see where it goes. Once ideas start flying than I write again. :)
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    • Great advice! Isn’t it amazing how, no matter how crazed the writing process makes us, we always come back around? And I love that you set a goal and tell others in order to help hold yourself accountable. That’s something I need to get more comfortable with, because I think it would help me. As always, Maggie, thanks for stopping by :)

  3. I have certainly taken many, many breaks over the years as life gets in the way. I find having set times per week works for me, but it has to with three small kiddies underfoot right now. I may only get to write 2-3 times per week so I try to maximize that time. How? Being okay being that SAHM who puts her toddler into a morning nursery school program so I can write or knowing I look forward to September when my little one is two full days at preschool. Mulling over projects in any free time..taking time to take a walk or just (as I did today) pull out the picnic blanket on a beautiful summer evening while my elder girl was at a class and the other two at home with Dad and just lay down and think. Silence is golden for me, I do my best thinking when I can hear myself muttering while drinking a steaming cup of coffee, so I take the moments offered and write and hope it is coherent! 😉
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    • Your writing time sounds a LOT like my writing time; woven into a busy family life. I totally agree that taking time for those moments you mentioned is crucial. I believe it’s when we sort of extract our best ideas from our subconscious. My youngest will be in all-day kindergarten in the fall, and I’m still sort of stunned by the prospect of having available time. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  4. I go back in my mind to the reason I write and decide if I’m still achieving that goal. If I’ve wondered from my original path, I circle back around :-) Then I remember, I’m not writing to please anyone. I’m writing because it’s therapeutic!
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  5. I’m learning to pray for the ignorance of others and ask God for continued strength and guidance. It’s not easy, but it IS doable! Thanks for providing an opportunity for honest discussion and inspiration!
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